The theme for my school for 2009-2010 was about Birds of a Feather Learning Together with a focus on Florida also.

I had this made from Oriental Trading (I have made several banners to go with different themes). This is above my side windows.

My teacher desk and bulletin board. The board was titled "Ms. Irons' Nest". I filled the mesh with Beanie Baby birds I got for a quarter each. Staples the mesh behind the 2 Dollar Tree palm trees. 

Calendar area - calendar numbers were "sunshines". All decorations on the board were Dollar Tree decorations. Computer center was in the corner between this board and another "Florida" facts board.

Back cabinets. This was for AR. Labeled different shapes with AR reading goal percentages. All kids started on the big wave and "surfed" into their goals. Reading poster on back of reading/mail center. Ended up putting reading strategy posters on cupboards under counter.

Turned neighbor's door into a science wall. Changed out poster for the unit of study we were working on.

Back wall where students hang backpacks. Florida history timeline was above it. I covered a board with fabric and boarder to post reminders on so kids would see it when they packed up each day.

A little view of set up. Table on right for centers (boy I miss that table - the one in my new room is too long).

Above my front whiteboard - repurposed my parts of speech from an ocean theme to tie in with this theme.

Other part of my computer center - behind it was a "Florida Facts" board to go with our focus on Florida - this changed out after the first month and was used to display items that went with specific units of study or to display student work. On the computer center table I had an inflatable palm tree and inflatable flamingo (both from Dollar Tree) to decorate the table,

Long view of side white board. This board became an entire math board for calendar math. Looks so nice right now. As you can see by tubs, wasn't done unpacking room yet.

Back to school welcome board. The flamingo was labeled "Fly into Fifth Grade". Each of the different die cuts were labeled with topics of study from the year - books = reading/language arts, calculators = math, beakers = science, globes = social studies, keys = fifth grade events/happenings. This is a great way to welcome kids and give a preview of what they will experience throughout the year. 

 Our theme at my school for the 2011-2012 school year was about cooking up good learners. Here are some pictures from my classroom.

Our calendar area. Nice and clean with checkered to go with food and I thought the numbers looked like diner clocks.

Back cabinets - each column/door was for a different subject - social studies, reading, and math.

Corner/TV area - charts to display classroom jobs with chef hats and spelling/vocabulary words for the week. Pink drawers were for my guided reading group materials, and black drawers housed paper, white boards, and clipboards.

It's All About the Cake was my behavior theme after I found the cute bag at Target. CAKE - Character, Attitude, Kindness, Effort.

My student mail boxes and some chapter books for reading - decorated with "coffee" style items for my reading cafe.

My desk and table in front for centers - table in picnic table cloth. Used utensil holder for picnics on my desk for pens, etc. Used coca-cola cups to hold other teacher items. Put plates above my whiteboard with sayings "Best thing since sliced bread", "Easy as pie", "One smart cookie". Decorated my teacher board with cooking utensils and cooking up learning boarder.

Rest of side window decorations. Blue bins labeled with subject areas for putting out materials I will need for the week. My cubbies underneath for teacher resources.

Birthday cakes I found at Dollar Tree - laminated and wrote kids' birthdays for each month.

Entry - flamingo is leftover from previous "bird" theme but my neighbor and I both love them and keep them around. Each year we dress the flamingo up in August for the theme (courtesy of a friend who makes the cute clothes for us) - then all year long we change the outfits for the month's holidays. Came from Oriental Trading.

Back to school bulletin board - on each of the "salt shaker" I wrote a subject area - math, language arts/reading, science, and social studies. Then on the "chef hats", I wrote the different key items we would be studying in 5th grade. Then during the year this was a work display board and data board. Chef in center said "Serving up Academic Success in Ms. Irons' Cafe".

This  was a way to hide my filing cabinet - covered it in checkered material a la picnic style. Mailbox for student papers. Added a lemonade stand sign I got for 50 cents at Target and a math poster that I made to match with the key words for our first topic of division.

Side window and student cubbies - above were character trait posters with apples to go with "food" theme. On the wall on left is where lunch cards, library cards, passes, and character traits were posted.


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