Sunday, September 16, 2012

Greek and Latin Roots / 30 Follower Freebie

Spent the day resting and then creating 2 new items for my Teachers Pay Teachers store. In fifth grade, we work on Greek and Latin Roots, however it doesn't come up in our textbook until after FAT (statewide test). I decided to make a game that they can use in centers now, with little instruction to at least give them some exposure to the topic. The games I made this weekend are the first batch I am going to make. These games have students match the root to its definition. The next batch I plan on making will have students sort words and match up with their appropriate roots. I plan on making a final batch in which students will figure out the definition of a word, based on using the knowledge learned of the roots.

Check out these games. You can purchase them by clicking on the picture which will take you to my Teacher Pay Teacher store. The first 2 people to comment below with their name and e-mail and how they will use them will WIN them free in honor of my getting 30+ followers!


  1. It seems like it's always me! This would make an awesome center or station. I'm doing a "Word of the Week" during reading group that is usually has Greek or Latin root.


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