Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11, 2001

I can still remember this day exactly. I was teaching in my first classroom in second grade at English Estates Elementary in Fern Park, FL. I had a parent volunteer come in and tell me a plane just flew into the Twin Towers. I said "Oh, OK" and went back to teaching. Then, about 5 minutes later, I walked back to her and said "What?" when it hit me what she had actually said. At the time, all the principals in our district (Seminole County) were in a district meeting and off the school campuses. Our school was also having picture day just to add to the craziness. I can remember shortly after the announcement from the parent, an announcement on our intercom to tell teachers to turn off their tv's. I think at that moment was when I realized how serious it was. I didn't actually get to see any footage until my lunch break when we all huddled around a tv in an office. A member of the emergency team came around to classrooms to keep teachers posted - I was worried about family members in NY and a friend who lived in DC. Then, the parents started coming to pick up their kids which added to the confusion and nervousness of the kids and teachers. I know it was being talked about that Orlando could be the next target since it was the home of Disney World or the Kennedy Space Center. Which is why our parents were coming in droves to collect their kids and get home to be together.  I know we all have our stories, but this is mine. What's yours?

If you are teaching September 11 today in your classroom, there is a great Brain Pop video that I found out about from the Joy in the Journey. I showed it yesterday and found it to be a very informative and well done, easy to understand video to start off discussion probably most appropriate for 4th-6th graders.

Prayers today for all those heroes of 9/11 and those who lost their lives that day. May we never forget.


  1. I was still in high school and remember being in math class when we found out from our principal. The reactions across the school were incredible! What I think I remember the best though was all the beautiful patriotism and empathy that the country shared. I remember the paper flags from the newspaper we were to hang in our windows, patriotic music in the grocery store, beautiful memorials across the nation, and support for the men and women who were about to defend innocent deaths. Grief and sadness turned into community and pride. That is what I remember and that is what I hope to teach my own kiddos now when they remember it as a historical event!

    1. This is the first group of 5th graders I have had mature enough to handle it. I have been reading the book "I Survived the Attacks of September 11th" with them all week and then having class discussions while reading. The book is a great way to bring it to their level and it has been a great topic of discussion all week in my room. The kids are very interested and some have even gone out on their own to get information about it. One girl even Googled videos of the news coverage so she could better understand.


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