Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Busy Worker Bee Today & Freebie

I feel like I accomplished so much today, but when I look at my still to do list it is overwhelming.

Finished list...
  • Got all clipboards finished today (I definitely need more clipboards I discovered)
  • Got desks arranged
  • Finished all bulletin boards
  • Rearranged room
  • Made signs for the all the subjects for my front board for our daily schedule and objectives - keep reading for a freebie of these
  • Made a clip behavior chart!
  • Made CAFE signs!
  • Finished lining the rest of my drawers with scrapbook paper - thank you Pinterest (I think I can now do this professionally I have done so many)
To do list...
  • Spray paint draw holders - they are currently blue and I lined all the drawers with black/silver scrapbook paper so painting them all black
  • Change calendar - I don't like the way it looks with everything else in my room
  • Put kids' textbooks in desks and clean out cubbies from the summer
  • MAYBE make a cute little curtain to cover my teacher bookshelves & cubbies?
  • Get my teacher bulletin board area set up
  • Set up my desk (we had our school painted over the summer so EVERYTHING got packed up)
  • Make (OK edit) back-to-school PowerPoint I put up for Meet the Teacher
  • Finish editing back-to-school newsletter
  • Sit back, relax, and wait to meet the kiddies!

The fun news is that on my first day back to work, I get to celebrate by going to see the musical "Grease" with a bunch of family and friends and people from my dance studio. Should be lots of fun!

Freebie Time

Head on over to my Teacher Pay Teachers page and download this freebie.

There are 16 pages of cards (2 cards per page) for a variety of subjects and school events. I have also included a few blank ones so you may write on them yourselves. Please view the credit list in this document for information about the fonts used. Fonts for these documents are from


  1. I'm so Jealous! We are not allowed into our classrooms until August 6th--don't ask me why. then we have tons of meetings for our week of pre-school. It always gets done, but I hate rushing you know?

    1. Our school almost always has summer camp so we can go in all summer. However, with painting this year we have been more restricted. I went in for the first time 3 weeks ago. By tomorrow I should be done. I actually got to sneak up for about 20 minutes today to get my stuff laminated so I could cut it out tonight while watching Big Brother.


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