Sunday, July 22, 2012

Daily 5 & CAFE

OK, so I have been trolling the Internet this summer (via Pinterest my new, most favorite addiction), and I have come across the world of Daily 5 and CAFE. This is NOT something I have seen implemented in my school anywhere, but I LOVE it. I am looking for comments on those of you who use it, especially in the upper grades on how it works. I "did" centers all year last year (as I have "done" centers every year since I began teaching), but I don't feel it's meaningful. I try to come up with fun, creative centers. I have made many fun, cutesy games that allow them to practice the skill we have been working on, but I love how authentic the work seems to be in the Daily 5/CAFE from what I have seen. Do you still include "games" for practicing weekly skills or computer time? I think I have seen Daily 3 for the upper grades, which maybe would then allow for these others. I have found some wonderful ideas on blogs, but looking for advice. Please post your comments/thoughts here. All suggestions are WELCOMED! Thanks

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