Sunday, July 22, 2012

Meet the Teacher

I am beginning to think about getting ready for Meet the Teacher night at our school. I have done some cute things in the past for this. One thing I usually create is a "scavenger hunt" for the students and parents to do, that way they have something fun to keep them occupied while waiting for a turn to speak with me. I feel this is so much better than parents standing around or me giving a big "speech" to the whole group. The kids get to find out about the classroom and parents get involved. Then I can take time to welcome families individually to my classroom.

Click on the picture above for a free copy of a scavenger hunt I made for the theme "Lights, Camera, Action, Learning" my school did. I hung signs with the names of the streets over each area I wanted parents to visit. I will probably be updating this same sheet this year with Detective Headquarters, Courthouse, Sheriff's Office, and some other cutesy detective place since our theme this year is "On the Case for Learning".

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